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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 23, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you, audience. thank you. great folks we have here today. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. as the president prepares his "state of the union" address, house republicans with spending cuts of over $2
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trillion. everybody gets a grade in the government report card tonight. you will find out what it shows. they are putting mom and fox businesses in the poor house. we'll have the wal-mart debate. she played ditzy chrissy snow on "three's company." >> chrisy, you left the door open. >> that's okay. my friend darlene is paying the taxi cab driver. you'll never guess in a million years. >> your friend darlene. >> how did you guess? >> mike: she knows the stuff when it comes to staying healthy. suzanne somers are on the show tonight. a family has been dealing with a tragedy after teenage son hit and killed their 5-year-old sister. so they're going to tell us
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how their faith is guiding them every day. i'll play with the group casting crowns. that's on the show tonight. [ applause ] it appears that sensitive over metaphors, simile and analogies over certain words reached zenith of political correctness. though there is not a shred of evidence that political rhetoric led to cause or contributed to the tucson shootings, there is great caution applied to all things spoken in the media and by politicians. now, if this new emasculation of the first amendment takes hold, we probably won't be hearing the president make comments like this anymore. >> i'm ready to duel john mccain. argue with them and get in their face. i know whose ass to kick. we'll have hand-to-hand combat on capitol hill. we'll punish the enemies and
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reward our friends. >> mike: ooh. well, you know, other networks have become pretty much language neutered so not to offend anyone. in so doing, not interest anyone either. john king has the perfect example. >> my friend andy shaw works for good government group used can he remember in the crosshairs talking about the candidates out there. we're trying to get away from the language. andy is a good friend and he has covered politics a long time but we're trying to get away from that language. we're not always perfect. hold us accountable if we don't meet your standards. >> mike: absolutely. fox news prides itself on being fair and balanced. in keeping with the new tenderness of speech, i want my show to go even further. i want to be so fair as to be unfair. i want us to be so balanced, as to be unbalanced. that way we deliver deeper and political approach to bringing
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insight to you. in keeping with that, my comments will now be carefully screened by dr. churrell, profound professor of rhetoric. he will listen to my comments and if i say something that is not in keeping with the new standards of political speech, he will sound this buzzer. [ buzzer ] then he will suggest alternative word or phrase. are you ready? >> yes, please proceed. >> mike: thank you very much. well, this week, the house dropped a bombshell -- [ buzzer ] >> the word "bombshell" implies war and violence. try to use significant incendiary device. [ laughter ] >> mike: okay. the house dropped a significant incendiary device voting to repeal the obamacare bill. despite the house vote, senate majority leader harry reid said it would come to the senate floor over his dead body -- [ buzzer ]
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>> dead body is not appropriate. try my non-animated physical presence. >> mike: senate majority harry reid said the bill would come to senate floor over his non-animated physical presence. which was the opening shot in the battle -- [ buzzer ] >> governor, two heated words. "opening shot" and "in the battle." we need to replace these. say first point of the dispute in the disagreement. >> mike: seriously. okay. senate majority leader harry reid said the bill would come to the floor over his non-animated physical presence which was the first point of disnute the majority son. mitch mcconnell responded that son of a gun -- [ buzzer ] >> gun is not a word edeploy. son of a handheld detonation device. >> mike: okay. the senate leader responded that son of a handheld
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detonation device but the republicans stuck to the bullet points. >> projectile points. >> mike: they focussed on the job-killing -- >> killing. >> mike: right, right. i get that part. okay. the job euthanasia bill. [ laughter ] and then they voted to bury the -- of course. we can't use that either. they voted to conclusively conceal in an underground manner the bill. so dr. churl, it would read this is the recap in the new fair and unbalanced dial. this week the house dropped a significant insipidiary device by voting to repeal the obamacare bill. despite the house vote, senate majority leader harry reid said it would come to the senate floor over his non-animated physical presence, which was the first point of disnute the disagreement between the two sides. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell responded that son of a handheld decimation device, but the republicans stuck to their power powdered
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projectile points and focussed on the job euthanasia bill and voted to conceal it in an underground man they're very bill. [ applause ] there! >> mike: i'm not sure political commentary will be the say. thank you, dr. churll, played by ryan reese, local comedian and part of our show. thank you very much. or should i say dr. churrell. oh, well, if you think we've gone too well in the world of political correctness or if you disagree and you think we ought to eliminate any word that might be taken the wrong way, why don't you let me hear from you. contact me at and click on the fox news needback section at people in america might have mixed views of president obama's visit, with chinese president hu jintao, but
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according to the "tonight show" it's been a big hit in china. >> in china they are playing part of the visit in movie theaters. >> on behalf of the american people. welcome to the united states. >> watch out, washington. >> they are together again. it's east meets west, rush hour 4. ♪ [ laughter ] >> mike: joining me for a serious take on the performance, casey mcfarland, political science professor at ok dental college, caroline hellmann and radio talk show host curtis leeway.
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>> we will talk about topics that are serious and give us a grade. first thing to talk about, the republicans are saying they will cut $2.5 trillion out of federal bending. talk about do you give them a grade of "a," "b," "c," "d," "f" on that? casey, i'll start with you. >> give them an "a." somebody is talking about cutting the budget that is so out of control. we are borrowing a trillion a year to pay for it. give them an "a." >> mike: casey says "a." curtis? >> a-plus if they went after the farm subsidiaries. dairy subsidiariesubsidiaries. we know they won't touch heartland. "c" for trying. >> mike: all right. caroline, from college, give them a grade. >> "d." it's mote vetted by politics -- motivated by politics. it's a bad idea to do it in economic downturn.
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kill jobs at federal, state level and in terms of infrastructure jobs. i would give it a "d". >> mike: all right. we'll take some more questions because we're just getting started. we'll come back and we will look ahead to tuesday night "state of the union" address with our panel. much more. see how they male announr ] while othe are content to imitate, we'll continue to innovate. the lexus rx. why settle for a copy when you can own the original? see your lexus dealer.
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snores ] [ malannouncer ] we understand.® you need a partner who delivers convenience. [ applause ] >> mike: all right. more report card with carline and k.t. and curtis. start this with you, caroline. talk about the visit from president hu of china. he has been here this week. pretty interesting week to look at china's human rights record. or maybe i should say to not look at it, because he really wouldn't answer the questions. give president obama a grade on his reception and confrontation, if that is the proper word to president of
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china. >> i give him a "b." it's great he is talking about trade with china. one way to get out of the economic crisis to improve export. not bringing in a forceful unified way, issue with human rights violation. perhaps more importantly that china deflates the currency. we can't possibly hope to have reasonable trade with china until the policies are overturned. he didn't unify and go after china in a way he could. >> mike: curtis, how do you grade president performance? >> governmespecial ed. give him a "d" minus. can he kiss more bok chow? flying dragon, hidden dog. we're so happy. please, please. say to myself how weak. how feckless.
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president hu, what is on second in i don't know what is on third. i can't pronounce his name. >> mike: curtis, what do you really think? that's what i'm trying to get. >> i'm the last person to refer to them as the red chinese. because they are. >> where can you go with that? >> i'd give china "a" and president obama "d." america is the alcoholic at the bar. chinese are running the tab. we are going to get drink after drink and the world tells us sober up. in the meantime give them another drink. chinese is running the tab. >> mike: china is dumping products in the united states that they are subsidizing making some illegal trade moves. we didn't say a word about it and we did not confront them about the intellectual property rights.
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we roll out the red carpet. this is not a trade situation like fair trade going on. should we have been more blunt? >> absolutely. i agree with you. currency deflation and that we have the chinese companies wholesale ripping off ideas from the united states and other countrys. i disagree with the xenophobic tirade from your other guests we need to be diplomatic and we need to show them courtesy. we need to level ability to trade with china and other countries to benefit the united states in a fair and balanced way. >> mike: maybe they'll show
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courtesy to the nobel peace prize winner who is in prison now. but we need to move on. president with the "state of the union" message on tuesday, not asking you to grade what you haven't heard. what do you expect? >> when i worked for president nixon and president reagan it will be a boring speech. they usually are. every agency has to get its bit in. the "state of the union" address that i want to listen to is the one that paul ryan will give as the rebuttal. that's the first glimpse we'll see how serious is the new house of representatives cutting back expenditures. >> mike: what do we expect out of the "state of the union" this week? >> president obama needs to talk about jobs creation. that's what we should hear about. economic recovery in the larger context. i assume he will lower the tax rate. if he is serious about maintaining position in 2012,
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talk about jobs. >> mike: curtis? dying to find out what you expect. >> first two years all you had to do is mention business and he would ifornicate you. say that's evil, bad. now it's a lovefest. he has the urge to merge with crooks on wall street and banks and finances. he'll say the greasy economic engine, not the mom and pop. it's big titans of business. we love business. you know who is behind him? daley, crook from chicago. wining, dining pocket lining to another four-year term. that is my prediction. >> mike: again, we don't get real insight, our opinion out of curtis. that's with a we get. thank you very much. k.t., caroline and curtis on the report cart. [ applause ] well, most of you know that wal-mart has a slogan. save money, live better. but next guest says it's
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hurting livelihood of the shall business owners. we have the wal-mart debate when we come back. stwuts. -- stay with us.
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[ applause ] >> mike: wal-mart has become the largest retailer in the world by selling things people want at prices they can afford. the next guest says wal-mart is killing business -- [ buzzer ] >> governor, we talked about this many times already. >> mike: sorry. i realize we're not to use the word. hurting small businesses whose owners lose their customers to the retail giant. joining me now is bill deblasio leading the charge to keep wal-mart out of the big apple. welcome. >> governor, thank you. >> mike: how are you? [ applause ] got to understand, i'm a guy from arkansas. i know wal-mart very well.
8:23 pm
i don't know why the heck you want to keep them out of new york. it could empower consumers of the city. >> we're trying to protect jobs in our city, in our neighborhoods. you know new york city, it's a city of neighborhood. the mom and pop store, multi-generationm stores are so much of what makes it special. they happen to provide steady employment. and well-paid employment. i respect the low prices they provide to consumers and progress they made in recent years but they often provide jobs that families can't live on. low wage and low benefit. >> mike: jobs that pay better than average retail. they probably, in new york they would be paying over $13 an hour. no one protested target. they have a history of paying better than costco, k-smart, sears and target. what gives people heartburn over wal-mart when others don't? >> we did a study and brought together 50 stouddies all over
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the country. we found that costco had pay consistently a higher wage and gave benefits. wal-mart only half the time provides health insurance -- >> 80% of the employees qualify for benefit. >> the information we have with a high deductible, too. $4400 deductible. the average wage is under $25,000 a year. for family of four, that could put you below the federal poverty level. they provide the low prices but price has been the jobs that families can't live on -- >> mike: are you saying that the people who work at starbucks or best buys -- all of these are chain stores in new york, manhattan and five boroughs. over 6,000 affiliated chains that are here. why aren't you going after them? the starbucks might put the local coffee shop out of business or best buy takes electronics dealer out. wal-mart is going to a marketplace providing good
8:25 pm
product, good service and people want to shop there, they will go. if they don't like wal-mart they won't go. shouldn't it be a market decision, not a government decision? >> governor, the fact is the government has to watch out for the total impact on jobs and economy. in 2006, wal-mart went to the westside of chicago, austin neighborhood, loyola university did a study and 82 businesses closed down. every two job that wal-mart creates you lose three jobs in your local economy. so as a public servant that is a concern for all of us. what is the totedal job. how well do they pay? these are public policy questions. >> mike: when i hear this stuff, for example in chicago, you say that people lost jobs. i have seen another side of that. consumers are able to go and buy things they never could afford before. they have new consuming power they didn't have. again, they open a chicago store, they had 400 jobs available. 22,000 people showed up to apply for the job.
8:26 pm
if it's such a horrible place to work, why do so many people want to work there? why are they the largest employer in america today? somebody likes working there. when they do get there, 7 70% of management started off and worked their way to the top. they did well for themselves. >> they have a high turnover wait because of the low wages and low benefit. they can't sustain the family. >> mike: a lot of retailers do, bill. they offer entry level employment. as people provide for the company, good service, in wal-mart, they rise up the ladder. that is something i've seen. a lot of things i don't know much about. i know something about wal-mart. i guess what i don't understand i watch wal-mart coming in the marketplace, you say they're costing jobs. what i see, they are empowering consumers to buy things they want at prices they can afford. if wal-mart quits doing that, if wal-mart raises their prices that no longer are competitive or they have junk people don't want? guess what? they will go the way of other
8:27 pm
retailers we used to hear about that are on the decline or gone out of business. >> i happen to be a democrat but i know and i respect the fact you care deeply about what has happened to the middle class. but wal-mart has been part of the trend that lowered the wage level and benefit level for middle class. the median income went backward for the first time in memory last year and wal-mart as the biggest employer in the country has been part of depressing. >> i disagree. the wages are better than those of many of their competitors. new york welcomed target store when it went to harlem. a big hug and kiss. is it the unions? is it the fact that wal-mart has not historically been a union operation? because i can't figure out why there would be this selective targeting toward wal-mart that doesn't seem to be applied to other retailers when wal-mart does provide better benefits, it provides better starting wages and the average wage is better than many of the other retailers and significantly better than the average retailer in america. >> it's a fair question why
8:28 pm
folks in wal-mart and it has to do with the environmental record and serious allegation of discrimination against women. i would say it's record in dealing with the people republic of china. you talked about it recently, without wal-mart, people republic of china doesn't have the dominant impact on the economy that it has had. in 2006. wal-mart brought in $27 billion worth of merchandise of china. 85% of the products it sells are chinese made. you can't have the biggest retailer in the country, biggest employer, private sector employer in the country focussing on foreign goods as undermining our economy. if wal-mart wanted a similar discussion about keeping jobs in america and encouraging manufacturering in america, a lot of us with concerns might embrace them. they need to turn the corner. we can't afford to hemorrhage jobs overseas. >> mike: i appreciate your being here. put wal-mart in new york and let new yorkers decide. 65% of new yorkers buy things in big money that new yorkers spent at wal-mart going out of the boroughs.
8:29 pm
that tax money might help the city and guarantee you as long-time wal-mart shopper i would love to see a wal-mart to pay a lot less money for basic things here. give them a try. i think you find it might be a good business partner for you. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. bill de blasio. she takes care of herself and says if we all worried about our own health, the government wouldn't have to get that involved. suzanne somers nobody in my family ever had a heart attack. if anything, i thought i'd get hit by a bus, but not a heart. my doctor put me on an aspin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody. i won't. ♪ [ female announcer ] clear some snow. ♪ or spread a little warmth. maxwell house gives you a rich full flavored cup of cfee so you can be good to the last drop.
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>> mike: reminder you can join me each weekday on views on huckabee report. heard on 600 radio stations. go to for information and sign up the podcast, facebook page and follow me on twitter. if you would like, link to the want to play fund and get the want to play cd. it's got collection of some of america's great musical talents, all the profits by musical instruments for kids. that's at well, she became an american sex symbol when she starred on the hit '70s and '80s sitcom "three's company." >> turn around. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> a lovely mole you have on your thigh. >> well, three decades later she is still looking and feeling great. and has a brand new book called "sexy forever" how to
8:34 pm
fight fat after 40. ladies and gentlemen, wednesday com suzanne somers. [ applause ] >> hello. >> mike: hi. >> how are you? >> great to have you here. >> thank you. >> right there. >> mike: you have had an amazing career. >> yes. >> as a health advocate. people remembering the ditszy person, if they haven't kept up -- you have written 20 books. your focus is on helping people to get healthy. >> well, you know, they haven't been taking good care of women. once we hit middle age. i call it thesen dwarf of menopause. sleepy, sketchy, boated, forgetful and all dried up. >> you can say that, i never could. >> don't you dare. don't even mention it around the house. but anyway, i have written
8:35 pm
books on bioidentical hormone replacement and health. then i got cancer, and i remember thinking what have i done in my life to play host to this disease? i started to look at my diet and lifestyle and realized all the years on television series, there were craft tables around the time. they should be called the crap table. you are nervous when you go on and i was mindlessly eat. i was thin, i wasn't getting fat. but i see that the chemical, toxic burden we accumulate now, we're under the greatest environmental assault in history of mankind. we sleep on beds. with chemicals. we put the chemicals on our skin. i don't know who decided it was a good idea to put poison or our food. it's having an effect. when you eat. rub on, live with, breathe, in your water, in your air, chemicals from 40 on, you've now accumulated so many toxins
8:36 pm
that the brain in trying to keep those toxins from going in the bones and organs. you know what i can do for you, i can store it. the only place i store is it in the fat. like a:with too many clothes in it -- >> mike: you think it's cumulative effect that we are extraordinary amount of exposure. those that we ingest and those everywhere. in the textiles that are around us. >> right. >> mike: dyes, the -- >> what i would -- >> mike: you mentioned some diseases that you think were more vulnerable. tell me what you think could be some of the significant diseases. we see things like autism. there is no doubt, there is something going on. because a lot of diseases. do you believe that these are triggered in many ways by the toxicity we're exposed to? >> i called a one doctor friend of mine, dr. gonzalez in new york and i said man, a lot of pancreatic cancer. younger and younger people. i know several people in their 30s with pancreatic cancer.
8:37 pm
he says it's the chemical exposure and the amount of stress. we'll see more cancer. right now this year in 2010, cancer the biggest killer in the world. i wasn't here to talk about cancer. i get off. talk about menopause and cancer. it just want you to be thin and i figured out how to get -- >> mike: your book talks about it. "sexy forever" but equate sexy hard to have if you're not healthy. >> you can't be. healthy person is a sexual person. sexy person. the other thing that is really interesting in this book is food intolerances and food allergies. my husband gave up gluten and lost 18 pounds. just giving up gluten. miff granddaughter is severely gluten into -- intolerant. this is august of this year, i'm writing and i push away from the desk and i said that's me.
8:38 pm
i'm thin, but i'm bloated today like i'm nine months pregnant. what did i eat? i had egg and fried onions and i had a salad and olive oil. and lemon. i thought must be the egg. i gave up eggs, and took the test i write about. blood test and stool test. and took two weeks for the results to come back. by the time the results came back i had lost ten pounds just giving up eggs. the results came in it was a little graph. you shouldn't have too much of this or too much of that. two lines went across the panel, couldn't miss it. egg white, egg yolks. maybe if you're battling weight, maybe it's something you're eating, because women, women i know eat salads. you go out for lunch with a woman,shy all eat salads. salads you're not getting fat on salads. so something is aggravating it. i come about this from science. because science interests me. >> mike: i can't let you get away without asking you about the healthcare proposal that
8:39 pm
is out there today. are we going about it right way? more people dealing with diseases without prevention? >> don't get me started. my husband is canadian. my husband is canadian. all of his cousins are doctors. do you know most of them moved to states to make money. >> mike: where are they going to go now? >> right, right, right. exactly. that's what i was thinking. a friend of mine who i am a partner with in one of my businesses is a doctor and he moved to canada. i was talking the other day. he sees 70 patients a day. is that what we want? how can you get quality care if your doctor is going to see 69 other people like you. >> lucy and ethal. >> right. have a headache, here. gut ache, here. it's -- here. go.
8:40 pm
>> mike: thanks for coming. every member of the audience will get a copy of her book so we expect you to be healthier and sexier after you read this. >> you'll be sexier. >> mike: i can use the help. lord knows i can. >> i enjoy you very much. next time i'd like to sing. >> mike: you're on. >> next time. >> mike: you heard her here, she promised she would come back and sing for us. >> we'll hold her to it. grammy winner curt chapman and his life mary beth lost their 5-year-old daughter in an accident that >> we've got a flood. hits the road, the nose the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ cl 1-800-steemer
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for a limited time at red lober. ♪ >> mike: well, if you have been watching our show since the early dayous may remember my emotional interview with grammy award winning arts steven curtis chapman and his wife mary beth about the loss of their 5-year-old daughter maria. >> my son, by now 18-year-old son will franklin coming home
8:44 pm
from something going on at his school, audition i think for a musical he was going to be a part of. and was coming up the driveway, our three youngest daughters, three adopted daughters from china. playing in the backyard in the playground. and maria wanted to get on the monkey bars, none of her sisters were strong or tall enough to reach her up to the monkey bars. so she, they saw brother who will is an amazing, amazing big brother. the best big brother that has ever lived, which is part of what has made this incredibly difficult. because of the love that he has for his little sisters. they saw him coming so she i think said maria, go get your brother. he'll help you get on the monkey brothers. he came around the corner of the house. just maria was so short and small and he didn't see her. she obviously didn't see him in time. and so she was struck by the
8:45 pm
car. died as a result of those injuries. >> mike: it was a very powerful time. mary beth chapman was here on that day. she has written a book called "choosing to see" where she writes about their heartbreak and how their faith led them out of the darkness. it has had tremendous response. people have read it and poured their souls out to you over and over across america, because you were candid, you didn't make it oh, well, i had a horrible experience and prayed and everything was okay. it's not that easy, is it? >> it's not that easy. 2-1/2 years later i'm still wrestling. there are still questions i'll think one day, i have it all figured out. the next day i'm back going i feel like david actually, it's just like lord, you're everything, you're so great. next day it's like where are you? how long is this going to take? that's what i felt like i needed to just be really honest. most of my friends, my husband would say sometimes i'm
8:46 pm
brutally honest. i don't know if that is always good. in writing, that's the way for me to get it all out, here it is. honestly. i think that's good for people to see that. we don't have it all together. we are a family and couple of deep faith but we don't have all the answers and hard thing to answer. >> mike: that's why the book is powerful, it's not story where everything is just magical and works out beautifully. nobody lives that life that i know of. everybody has struggles. pain and depression. you went through that as part of the journey. when people read that and say if mary beth chapman, if she is dealing with depression, good days, bad days, some days angry at god, some days everything is cool. they relate to that. they know it's a journey, not a single event. that's what faith is about. >> as i was writing it, and the therapeutic stuff that came out of it, god created
8:47 pm
me. he knitted me together. he is going to be able to happened the anger. he is going to be able to handle the questions that i have. he created me. it doesn't surprise me. it's been a journey, a hard, hard journey. but i do know, i know he has walked with us through it. >> mike: tell me about the title. choosing to see. there is a unique graphic. we have it on the screen so people can see it on the book. where does it come from? >> little maria. a couple of months before she went to be with jesus, he was putting her socks on for preschool and she asked if god has a big house. i said he has big house. she said does it have lots of room? i said yes. she was quoting lyrics from a god about his big house. i said it has a big yard to play football. she said how did you know? i said you're learning a song. she said i want to know about god's big, big house. she ran, i took her
8:48 pm
downstairs, met steven. we had this beautiful conversation about god's big house. she wanted to know how to get there. so she prayed just a sweet little prayer that jesus would come into her heart and when the time was right she would go to god's big house. fast forwarding to right after the accident steven was walking through the dining room when we first went back to the house. we had the friends around us. he looked down at her art table and there was a flower. it had six petals on it. one was blue. her favorite color was blue. being people of strong faith, i really took that to be, she drew that flower a ton. every petal was different and always has a blue one. this day it wasn't finished and it was blank. i said we have six children, five still with us, but maria is colored in and finished. she turned the paper over and the boys had begun praying, we need to see you in this. this is so dark. we can't take a step. it's just so, so dark.
8:49 pm
we need to see you, we need to see you. he flipped paper over and i had never known maria to write anything other than mommy, daddy, i love mommy, daddy and her name maria. we flip it over and she written the word just like it's on the book. that is her font. it's the maria font. it was just powerful. i think steven heard god whisper that. it's beautiful and massive as you said it would be. you only have to live without her this long and you'll be with her for eternity. we hold on that. we hold on to that. >> mike: touching and helping ♪ i love my grandma. i love you grandma. grandma just makes me happy. ♪ to know, know, know you grandma is the bestest. theotal package. grandpa's cooooooooool. way cool. ♪ grandpa spoils me rotten. ♪ to know, know, know you ♪ is to love... some people call us frick and frack
8:50 pm
we do finger painting. this is how grandpa and i roll. ♪ and i do pins fall ] grandma's my best friend. my best friend ever. my best friend ever. ♪ [ laughing ] [ boy laughs ] ♪ to know, know, know you after this we're gonna get ice cream. can we go get some ice cam? yeah. ♪ and i do ♪ and i do ♪ and do
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
>> mike: just named the top christian album artist for fourth year in a row but they
8:53 pm
spend bulk of times counseling teens and their family. they stopped by to play a song off their album, "until the whole world hears." >> one day when when heaven is filled with his praises. ♪ one day when sin is black as can be ♪ ♪ jesus came forward ♪ born of the virgin ♪ welcome ♪ one day they led him ♪ of calvary mountain ♪ one day they nailed him to die on a tree ♪ ♪ suffering anguish ♪ rejected ♪ bearing our sin ♪ redeemer is he
8:54 pm
♪ they took the nails for me ♪ living he loved me ♪ dying he saved me ♪ buried he carried my sins far away ♪ ♪ rising he justified ♪ forever ♪ gorous day ♪ glorious day ♪ one day ♪ feel no longer ♪ one day ♪ away from us ♪ then he arrived
8:55 pm
♪ now the senses notice could not hold him ♪ ♪ could not keep him ♪ rising again ♪ rising again ♪ living he loved me ♪ dying he saved me ♪ buried he carried ♪ my sins far away ♪ rising he justified ♪ free me forever glorious day ♪ ♪ glorious day ♪ glorious day
8:56 pm
♪ one day the trumpet will sound ♪ ♪ one day disguised with his glories ♪ ♪ will shine wonder today my love one free ♪ ♪ jesus is mine ♪ living he loved me ♪ dying he saved me ♪ buried he carried ♪ my sins far away ♪ rising he justified ♪ freely forever ♪ one day he coming ♪ glorious day ♪ glorious day ♪ glorious day
8:57 pm
♪ glorious day [ applause ] >> mike: thank you, mark. the rest of the band. hope you had a great time tonight. see you next week. until then, this is huckabee from new york. good night. good night. god bless. captioned by closed captioning services, inc metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
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